Clattering noise when accelerating honda

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clattering noise when accelerating honda

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The knock sensor is supposed to retard ignition timing if it hears the engine pinging or knocking. A strange rattling only when accelerating from 0 in cold weather Ask Question. Remember me. You should be able to locate the sound that way.

Rattling noise on acceleration?

Honda Accord 1990 - 2002. You might also like More from author.

clattering noise when accelerating honda

These components act as a thermo-reflective barrier between the exhaust system and other parts including gas tank, fuel lines, and the cabin of a car. Ask a Question. Cancel Changes.

rattling noise when accelerating

You have to inspect the exhaust system to find out if heat shields are causing rattling noise in car when accelerating. Related Models For Sale. The following errors occurred with your submission.

As soon as I let off the gas the noise goes away. Find all posts by finch13. Is the check engine light on?

Wierd rattling sound on acceleration

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clattering noise when accelerating honda

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clattering noise when accelerating honda

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