Zoe keats ncis actress who played

zoe keats ncis actress who played

Clearly for whatever reason, the fans are backing Ziva. We would drive from Chicago to Texas, and once we started to get towards San Antonio, everyone looked like me!

zoe keats ncis actress who played

I think maybe you need to get a new tinfoil hat. If they wanted to separate Zoe from what Tony had with Ziva then why did they make her soo similar to Ziva??

Here’s How The Female Stars Of NCIS Have Changed Since They First Began Fighting Crime On Screen

Before she had all that unnecessary work done. I do find the chemistry forced. Star Trek: Heather Cruz.

zoe keats ncis actress who played

Lily Reilly. Known For. Add it to your IMDbPage. And Zoe will be history by the end of the season.

Marisol Nichols

People in the past have commented to you about you complaining constantly about Tony and the lack of him on the show now days. Yes she left. Not this middle aged idiot who worried about his colon, does nothing, and is whipped by Zoe. Since the writers seem unwilling to let Tony who would be far more realistic handle any of the physical danger, the showrunners must surely know that Gibbs as an action figure is getting a little ridiculous.

Wow, there are some disgusting commenters here.

zoe keats ncis actress who played

Alyson March 5, 2015 4: And as to his struggles, that could be as much because she left three days before filming, throwing the entire set into even more turmoil as from him being heartbroken that she left. The series proved to be short-lived, but Nichols' status as a lead performer was cemented, and in 2006 she was cast on the Kyle MacLachlan legal drama In Justice.