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Collective Intelligence Framework in Networked Social Movements

These analyses can be used, in turn, to define specific action items or group priorities, and even to improve organizational strategy. The term tries to help to situate an approach rather than a tradition and along a different context. A poll in 17 countries of the 5 continents, carried out in 2013 by the communication lab of Lisbon University, coordinated by Gustavo Cardoso , points to the existence of a global tendency on this regard: Pero vamos a ver si nos enteramos: The combination of increasing penetration of technologies for social interaction, with the perceived limits sometimes perceived by comparison or clash with online practices of the formal, institutional space for political participation, due to factors commented above chapter 1 , has stimulated the proliferation of technologically mediated practices for political intervention.

Navigation operates in a similar fashion as other iPad newsreading apps by letting you swipe from page to page, through the animation can be a bit slow at times as well as adding or deleting subscriptions.

Google Currents (for iPad)

Bottom Line Google Currents is a welcome addition to the iPad newsreading apps space thanks to a slick design, native offline reading, and cross-device syncing. What began as a primarily economic problem quickly became one of politics and governance. Network movements and the internet: The value of big data comes from the relationships, connections, and patterns that emerge from data correlations about individual organizations, products, things or information itself.

Prized in the 2011 European e-Democracy Awards 2011, Your Priorities extends today to the rest of Icelandic cities, and beyond. As Halpin notes, it does not presuppose incorporation or perdurability for instance, the technology does not need to be a chip in the brain, it can be a mobile connected to the Internet or a pair of Google glasses. Vocabulary is generated and shared at a very high speed70, with a rise in its temperature71. The menaces to privacy and indirectly, to connected rights such as freedom of speech , come not only from NSA policing but also from juridical initiatives such as CISPA43, supported among others by Facebook and Google.

Links connect concepts that appear more frequently together in tweets of the analyzed sample. This connects with the ironies and counterproductivity of technology Ihde, 2008; Tenner, 1997: A long tradition of analysts have recurred to various approaches and notions such as dialectics Feenberg, 1999 , social construction Bijker et al. These episodes were mediated and amplified by processes of technopolitical interaction and multitudinous selfcommunication, through which the multitude re configures itself.

As we mentioned above concerning the origins of the web 2.

Wwwhatsnew en google currents ipad

To approach these dimensions of the network movements, we analyze how the movements' messages spread and are retransmitted at multiple scales, generating quick and viral contagion processes, as well as synchronized collective action. A chat window on the side allows discussion and conversation.

The logics of networked organization and communication Juris, 2008; 2012 was translated into practices carried on in the urban space, generating innovation in the protest and collective action repertoires. Collaborative work has also been severely affected, despite the importance of fan pages and open and closed groups to extend the molecular involvement in the protests. A crowdfunding and a social media campaign was launched, which gathered the required 15000 euro in only 24 hours, and wide mass media atention.

Countries such as Italy, Portugal, or Ireland, culturally not so far from Spain, and under similar conditions of economic and social distress, saw no movements comparable to 15M in terms of strength and impact.