Who makes nica libre cigars

Cigars International, my go-to internet cigar store, is always running great specials and recently I saw a good deal on the Nica Libre.

The King of Cigar Bargains Still Reigns: the Nica Libre 1990!

Color-wise the look of the Libre wrapper in the first comparison was slightly darker than the Padron, but in the second test the colors were indistinguishable. Getting a groove going with each cigar was important to allow for an appreciation for what each cigar had to offer.

The flavors are constant, coa coa, coffee, and just a tad bit of pepper on the finish. This is a creamy smooth cigar with hints of leather, dark coffee and black pepper.

Fred, I am glad you commented.

The Padron Killer? (Nica Libre 1990 vs. Padron 1964 Maduro)

Toro Wrapper: More impressed were they when I showed them that the cigar was, in fact, a Nicaraguan puro. Last year I revisited the brand to see if the newer vintages held up. Time and again I remarked about how similar it was to my favorite the Padron.

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Nica Libre

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who makes nica libre cigars

In the fist comparison, both cigars exhibited a lush draw and a burn rate that produced identical lengths of ash within the same timeframe. Exclusivo 5. Please note that this is not a review in the traditional sense. A perfect razor sharp burn and the cigar is providing me with tons of thick chewy smoke on each draw.

who makes nica libre cigars

I think if they hold this price and keep quality the same this will sell very well all the time. Nica Libre is a great cigar. As you can see from the pictures it was hard to tell one cigar from the other.

who makes nica libre cigars

Don't cut too much off the head - you'll find yourself with a very loose draw and the stick could burn unevenly. Nicaragua Flavored:

who makes nica libre cigars