Who makes lexmoto motorcycles pictures

Don't spam. Like the speedo nice and up to date has an mp3 player which you can just about hear dont recommend it if your not a teenager tho as you would look an idiot but good down country roads where you cant be seen lol.

We listen to what our customers want and deliver the product to match the criteria.

Why choose Lexmoto

Gear Guide Part 1. Targeting European holders of A1 category licenses up to 125 cc and 11 kW , the Venom 125 is meant to appeal to an audience that may be as young as 17 years old. We don't just believe in our products, either: Lexmoto are a forward thinking company who wants to be as direct as possible with its customers.

who makes lexmoto motorcycles pictures

Want to become a Lexmoto Dealer? During the early days of 2017 we started the year with recognition from BDN and we were awarded a Merit for Scooter franchise of the year 2017.

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Lexmoto motorcycles

Products that are aimed at the learner legal market to provide customers a stepping stone towards a lifetime of motorcycling. About Lexmoto If you ask most new motorcycle owners why they are learning to ride a scooter or motorcycle, then almost every answer that you receive will be related to the economy or the pure joy of riding.

Highlights from the record-breaking 2019 Retromobile car auctions.

who makes lexmoto motorcycles pictures

Having dealt with a large selection of companies on different projects Llexeter has developed a vast experience in quality control and sourcing. Robust and reliable, these models are a doorway to a fun and affordable method of transport. Toggle navigation. Chinese bikes have come on a long way in recent years. Our parts backup is entirely UK based, and is priced at a level that can set you back on the road as soon as possible.


No thanks. The suspension is good enough for the performance and the rear monoshock is preload adjustable. We provide high quality images and reviews of every motorbike on our site to make choosing your next purchase simple.

who makes lexmoto motorcycles pictures

The Motorcycle franchise award was missed by only 5 votes to see Yamaha take top prize.