Who is stronger hinata or inogen

Not that I have a problem with that.

Hinata VS Sakura: The Winner is Obviously Hinata. (my thoughts) *Spoilers*

Also Sasuke and Sakura ended up with each other now. And as far as Sakura and her strength, well, strength can certainly be out done by skill and wit. I feel like Sakura would overwhelm her with her brute force.

who is stronger hinata or inogen

You know how hard it is not belonging to a special clan and not having a ''special'' kekkei genkai. She has an incredibly high intelligence that is worthy of being noted since the early days. I mean, just take a look at who my parent is. Don't worry Sarada, I'll be there for you and your mom when he runs into the sunset with his blonde blue-eyed lover.

Sasuke fucking Uchiha. While I was pondering all the things I could possibly do with one of those devices, Sarada and her friends were at the table and was staring at me. I decided to wear my hair pinned up and out of the way. By now, there must be some really frustrated shinobi walking around Konoha with wounded egos and raging boners. That's right, didn't think so. All that was Sakura.

who is stronger hinata or inogen

Even konohamaru was able land one of the pains to ground. Hinat a always supported Naruto and realized his pain while sakura bullied him just like everyone else.

Byakugan ain't gonna save her from Sakura. Also she grew alot stronger when She recieved the power of Hamura Otsutsuki. She was able to find a way to evade and beat Sasori. Sakura still came crying to Naruto after sasuje left the village telling him to bring sasuke back. Also disclaimer...

Have you ever noticed how blue is eyes are papa? Hinata can evade her like anyone else, sure, but Sakura is fast too. The rose gold sandals was simple in design but made my legs look a mile long, not to mention it complimented my earrings and hair. I talk about how Ash and Naruto have done complete... My WIFE! Who would win in a fight: