Where is katherine harris todays date

It turned out, though, that the list had been swollen with an estimated 20,000 names of possible innocents, wrongly included. They never saw her. She remained one of George W.

The Path to Florida

Instead, the Division of Elections was advised by the Office of Executive Clemency to have DBT include out-of-state ex-felons residing in Florida, even those from so-called automatic-restoration states. But in neighboring Broward, nearly as large and important a prize, it had a problem: Many times in campaigns, spouses can be heavily involved in campaign decisions. November 9 Confusion reigns. Blalock said many successful men might have trouble seeing their wives become as successful as Harris.

And he never voted in the 2000 election. Ultimately, only the five justices in the majority know how and why they decided the case as they did and whether they did it in good or bad faith.

where is katherine harris todays date

Jesse Jackson immediately took up the cause in the streets of Florida, but at that point the facts were simply too sketchy, too anecdotal, too mixed up with simple bureaucratic ineptness to prove any kind of conspiracy. So the problem, as Hood declared, was solved. In an unsigned order the day after Thanksgiving, the Court agreed to consider the two more technical arguments, spurning the equal-protection claim, and set down an extraordinarily expedited calendar.

As a result, U. Eager to step back from a constitutional abyss, convinced the matter could be resolved in Florida, the Court punted.

A subsequent report by The Washington Post would note that most of the rioters were Republican operatives, many of them congressional staffers. Accompanying it was a memo to the supervisors from Ed Kast, director of the Division of Elections, informing them to start the purging process. The law had increased voter registration nationwide by an estimated seven million, with minorities constituting a disproportionate number of those new voters.

The audit record is intended to be used only after votes are tallied, as a kind of backup check to see that the machines have worked as intended.

where is katherine harris todays date

From 1998 to 2002, Harris then served as Florida's Secretary of State. But how would it work with touch-screens, which produced no paper receipts?

What Is Katherine Harris Doing Now? The Politician Has Been Laying Low For Years

Please try again later. US politics timelines. The company is currently the subject of a Department of Justice investigation for possible violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which bans bribing foreign officials. If you go to be an ambassador for four years, you're completely disconnected from your grass roots.

Julian Borger in Tallahassee on the black voters denied their rights. Democratic National Committee Chairman Ed Rendell calls for Mr Gore to concede the election, although he later says the vice-president has "every right" to review the decision.

where is katherine harris todays date