When is the boxing day

when is the boxing day

Dates of Boxing Day 2019 and surrounding years as downloadable image file. December 26, 2018.

Boxing Day 2019 and 2020

It's also a public bank holiday in the UK. The episodes from Christmas past 15 Nov 2018 15 November 2018. When is Boxing Day? Many people travel to visit family or friends in this period, so bus, plane and train services can be very busy.

Why is the day after Christmas called Boxing Day?

For many people Boxing Day actually only means one thing - leftovers!! Although the practice of almsgiving on December 26 has faded with charity now being given in the weeks leading up to Christmas, the Boxing Day name has endured.

when is the boxing day

December 26, 2017. Menu timeanddate. Many stores are open and start their post-Christmas sales on Boxing Day. Let's face it, many people prepare way too much food for Christmas Day and end up eating it for the next week! All rights reserved. Some people choose to go for a walk in the countryside, while others flock to the post-Christmas sales that often begin on Boxing Day.

Boxing Day in the United Kingdom

Data provided 'as is' without warranty. Boxing Day 2022. These days, December 26 is a popular holiday in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries for watching sports such as soccer and cricket, shopping and visiting friends.

Comment number 3. It was the day when the maids, drivers, cooks etc. Grand Canyon National Park celebrates 100th birthday 14 hours ago 14 hours ago.

BOXING DAY HAUL 2018! Come Shop With Me Christmas Sales Haul!

This was payment for the work that they had done throughout the year. Boxing Day Observances Showing: Online Calendars. This terrible tradition has now stopped, thank goodness, but the Wrens Boys still dress up but instead parade around town and collect money for charity.

when is the boxing day

Turkey sandwiches!! Traditionally, it was a day when employers distributed money, food, cloth material or other valuable goods to their employees.

when is the boxing day

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