What is the gas chamber like

On 26 November 100 prisoners of the 200 Sonderkommando were chosen and allegedly sent to the Gross Rosen concentration camp — their fate remains unknown. Upon arrival, the people were told of the baths and disinfection that awaited them and ordered them to undress in two huts reserved for this purpose, then they were led into the farmhouse.

Auschwitz bookkeeper Oskar Groening tells how gas chamber pesticide was used

There the belongings were examined, sorted, cleaned and disinfected, before being shipped off, to the Reich, for distribution among the German people, and Volksdeutsche who had settled in the General- Government. By Jay Akbar For Mailonline.

what is the gas chamber like

After each operation the prisoners used in the burial are killed in the prisoners infirmary by a phenol injection into the heart. Gassing also proved to be less costly. Bendel, the main task of the special Kommando began.

Doctor describes routine of gas chambers

The bodies were smeared with excrement, vomit and blood. Worrying about this training will be worse than the actual training! Later, after the installation of ventilators, this period was shortened to about an hour. And when the doors were opened?

what is the gas chamber like

So, who WILL be leader? Dr Anders said it was unlikely that the poison worked at the same speed in all areas given the size of the gas chamber and the unfortunate people who were breathing lower concentrations would suffer much more. The gas took about fifteen minutes to kill.

Last pictures: Only one in two people can smell the cyanide - but it has the smell of bitter almonds and marzipan. But their capacity became insufficient and an additional system was devised by digging large trenches, some 12 yards by six, in which the bodies were burned, and to expedite matters channels were cut at the bottom of the trenches to drain away the human fat. Initially the process of killing and ventilation of the gas chamber lasted several hours.

The whole transport exactly filled the mortuary to capacity — the doors were then sealed and the gas shaken down through the holes in the roof. Surviving Basic Training. Crematorium IV. This procedure was accompanied by the weeping and cries of people who, uncertain of their fate, were afraid of being parted from one another.

Gassing Operations

I followed them up the stairs to the second story of the crematorium where the prisoners lived- an enormous room, with comfortable bunks lining both walls.

The Sonderkommando men had painted the room and outfitted it with objects that the preceding convoys had left behind. Michael Jackson abused me behind a door with a 'do not... In spite of this sign we entered without the guards even asking — passing through the gate, we reached an open place which resembled a courtyard, in the middle of which stood a thatched —roof house whose plaster was peeling off.

what is the gas chamber like

Dr Anders told how the gas was originally produced as a pesticide to cleanse large buildings like warehouses and barracks. Nightly 84 prisoners.