What is paymentech deposit

Indicates the action to take against the card being processed.

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The AVS response code. This is the Entered time field in the Order Header file. The commodity code used to classify the item purchased. If the number is 3 positions, the system sends a leading space.

what is paymentech deposit

FlexPartial RedemptionInd. If an authorization response is not received during this time, the authorization requests remain in the Credit Card Authorization Transaction file. If the card is identified as a pre-paid card, you may wish to evaluate whether the card is eligible for deferred or installment billing to determine whether the card has the funds required to meet the required future payments.

what is paymentech deposit

Track Two Track Two information, stored on the magnetic stripe on the back of a card, has the account number and expiration date. The actual host card verification response code.

The time the batch deposit request was sent to the service bureau via CWIntegrate. Debit indicates card sale. From the Item class field in the Item file.

Determine why you have not received the authorization response; see Resolving Errors During Batch Transmission.

FAQ: Merchant Statements

When a match is found, the system updates the Credit Card Deposit Transaction file with the values in the deposit response message. See Discount Rate. Cancel Proceed. No-Show A charge to a cardholder account by a lodging merchant if the person either fails to arrive or fails to cancel the guaranteed reservation.

what is paymentech deposit

CWDirect cancels the transmission and continues with pick slip generation processing. Right justified, zero filled, with 2 implied decimals. Identifies the target of the XML message. Activate the card.

When used at the point of sale, the transaction is processed through interchange as a credit card transaction with the funds debited from the cardholder's checking account. Many employees may be issued the same card number. Typically, private label cards carry the brand of the merchant issuing the card. OrbitalConnection Password. A value of 1 indicates that writing to a daily ECLG file is selected, while a value of 0 indicates that it is not.

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