What is a virtual image lens

One theme of the Reflection and Refraction units of The Physics Classroom Tutorial has been that we see an object because light from the object travels to our eyes as we sight along a line at the object. In fact, one generalization that can be made about all virtual images produced by lenses both converging and diverging is that they are always upright and always located on the object's side of the lens.

As shown in the diagram above, the refracted rays are traveling parallel to each other.

Converging Lenses - Ray Diagrams

Email Required, but never shown. The virtual image is understood as an optical image that is produced from the apparent divergence of the rays of light emanating from a point on an object.

what is a virtual image lens

Current time: While the result of the ray diagram image location, size, orientation, and type is different, the same three rays are always drawn. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Now, The same thing is going to happen here, even though these two rays actually aren't diverging from a point out here.

what is a virtual image lens

On the contrary, the virtual image can be understood as the image produced due to the apparent divergence of rays of light from a definite point. A real image can be described as a reproduction of a real object formed at the point where the light rays originating from a particular object converge.

what is a virtual image lens

Now, maybe this whole thing is an eye. However, when a ray diagram is used for this case, an immediate difficulty is encountered. Now, what I want to do is pick, and I'm really picking an arbitrary point on this book.

what is a virtual image lens

For the case of the object located at the focal point F , the light rays neither converge nor diverge after refracting through the lens. Some students have difficulty understanding how the entire image of an object can be deduced once a single point on the image has been determined.

So let me pick one light ray that goes like this-- it's obviously not curving like that-- so it goes like this, and hits the mirror.

Virtual image

So I'm going to take one point that's coming straight out of the mirror-- one light ray that goes straight to the mirror-- so just parallel to the ground, straight to the mirror. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. A diverging lens or convex mirror is used to produce a virtual image which is diminished in size when compared to the actual size of the object. Read Watch Interact Physics Tutorial.

Ask Question. There is no actual physical space, or we don't know if there's any physical space behind the image.

what is a virtual image lens