What happened in trance film synopsis

Trance Movie Review Summary

This film is really interesting because of the constant play between that which appears to be real and what is a false memory that has been implanted by the doctor using hypnotherapy. You may have noticed some of the recent changes we have made. This is a film that tries too hard at capturing your attention, and in doing so, you're lost in its complexities, and it is a film that is hard to follow and not as interesting as it tries to be.

what happened in trance film synopsis

Elizabeth confesses that she hypnotized Simon into stealing the painting for her when he came to her months earlier for his gambling addiction. He follows the procedures according to his training, does his best to fight the robbers, and gets knocked out in the process by the criminal Franck played by Vincent Cassel.

View All Photos. Deborah Ross. Simon, Elizabeth, and Franck all go to a parking garage, where the painting is located in the trunk of a car, along with the dead body of a woman. View All Quotes.

what happened in trance film synopsis

Winter TV Guide. And while the images are undeniably beautiful, and the three main cast members are all excellent, nothing can save a story that veers quickly and remorselessly into nonsense territory. As stylish as ever, director Danny Boyle seems to be treading water with the surprisingly thinly written Trance -- but for fans of Boyle's work, it should still prove a trippily entertaining distraction.

Gursharan Chaggar as Postman. It has the sort of manic energy that makes Boyle's movies so interesting; unfortunately, it also has many of the flaws that make them so frustrating.

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what happened in trance film synopsis

Feb 12, 2019 Rating: Nov 1, 2018 Rating: True Detective. The Kids Are Alright.

what happened in trance film synopsis

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