What every guy should know

Things Every Guy Should Know How To Do

From building fires to tying your tie, if you're a man, the things on this list are essentials for being the best, most manly man you can be.

You put money in the machine. You'll give yourself away quickly. Squeeze your thigh, then squeeze your ass. There's a surprising amount of science involved with this death.

In this way, it's a private language as much as a record of the game. I don't need it as in need it every day, but I do need it in my life. Good boxer-briefs are comfy, make your bulge look great, and, uh, that's the only case that needs to be made for boxer-briefs. Now, let me tell you why this is here on the list, even though it may seem like a superhuman skill. All the Smartphones You'll Want to Buy in 2019.

what every guy should know

Go to bra store and guy one. There's a fun fact for you to use.

17 Things Every Guy Should Own By Age 25

Ask a woman on a date. Take them to a club and privately go up to the bouncer and tell him that you have six hot girls with you.

what every guy should know

Look at your own body. It's ingrained in the human species ever since we evolved from caveman. That can happen too. You will fail at it. Although there's more to it than that, I think that's something we can all agree on.

The 75 Skills Everyone Should Master

Guns are disgusting. I've seen some hideous looking guys flirt successfully with model-type chicks just because of confidence, being kind, and taking a shower.

what every guy should know

You have to make sure you do these tips, because it's not like you can run, realize you messed up, and then try to do these steps. Be loyal. I keep a knife in my car that can cut through seatbelt and smash through a window if need be.