What does gizibe in korean mean words

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Did you ever wonder what GIZIBE means?

So please understand. No, I will not give you my template. Register now! Where did you hear that sagaji meant bastard or slut?

She says it throughout the song lol. Jump to content. Also, I have a very similar personality to Baekhyun so its a lot easier for me to work with him even though my love goes to kyungsoo lol Why do you always use EXOK?

what does gizibe in korean mean words

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The Baddest Female (나쁜 기집애) (English translation)

I don't think she should call herself or anyone that. Proofreading requested.

what does gizibe in korean mean words

Click to see the original lyrics. Lately the censor people have been doing a bad job of censoring the right things.