What does a normal turbo sound like

what does a normal turbo sound like

If the hissing is bad check the hoses as the alloy couplings can wear or the U shaped clips can wear. They do get noisy as the turbo is failing which is an extremely common problem on that engine. Just got muself an old a3 2. Sensibleboy 722 posts 63 months. When you say failing, do you mean it will be likely to die soon or just general wear and tear , so will perform the same ,all be it a bit noisier? Do you own a VAG related repair business? Full privacy policy. A scan with VCDS would be a good idea to see if any fault codes show up.

Normal turbo noise??

I have heard that VW and audi were replacing them under warranty once but if they work like they should then they stopped replacing them. On my 2. BritishRacinGrin 15,731 posts 98 months. The Turbo whistle — turbo noises explained. Contact Us. Not sure what to do now, get a new one and have piece of mind or leave it until it blows??????

However, if the whistling sound gets louder, more noticeable, or changes in any way, it could be symptomatic of a number of different problems, that all warrant further investigation.

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What would be a good check to see if the turbo is failing? So the update CD is now on order for my car... My vw Jetta 2. Their addicts only do harm to their own lives: I'll keep ya all posted. Other causes of whistling noise A whistling noise coming from your vehicle can also have a number of other causes, including: Do you already have an account? All trademarks and copyrights remain property of their respective owners.

Show Ignored Content. If there isn't excessive play and the turbo has a healthy oil supply you can in all likelihood be confident that it has tens of thousands of miles of service left. JRock247 , Apr 11, 2013. Facebook Twitter Linkedin.

what does a normal turbo sound like

Thanks for all of your replies! UK Drive.

what does a normal turbo sound like