What dessert to serve with meatloaf

That would go well with meatloaf, though I always thought cold meatloaf existed only as a vehicle for ketchup. One makes meatloaf with tomato sauce or tomato paste, and then tops it with a bit of ketchup.

What Goes with Meatloaf?

Occasion and target specific meal should be planned. Ferrero rocher is one of the most delicious chocolates out there, no doubt! A small treat is not a bad option at all! Log In or Sign Up to comment. Garlic and onion sauce Garlic and onion sauce is a cheat code you can always use when you cannot think of any other dips.

As a beginner, you can try this simple ferrero rocher frappe recipe. A roasted boneless leg of lamb makes an impressive centerpiece for your table, but this recipe is easy enough to pull off any time. Skip to content Planning for a relishing family dinner this Friday?

what dessert to serve with meatloaf

You can check out the classic meatloaf recipe from here. Here's the ultimate, savory weeknight meal for your family. A moist, delicious Chocolate-Mayonnaise Cake pleases crowds of all ages, and is the perfect dessert to bring to a neighbor, to a potluck, or to a summer party.

Frozen Malt Shoppe Whoppers Pie. Mayo mixed with pepper If you think you have time constraint for preparing the dip.

What’s For Dinner? Easy Meatloaf Dinner Menu

This will instantly be converted into a low calorie meal for you. Dont Go! Yellow with chocolate buttercream frosting ought to do.

what dessert to serve with meatloaf

Last week I kicked off a new weekly blog series where I share a full dinner menu each Sunday, which includes a main dish, side dishes and a dessert. How to Cook a Ham Loaf.

what dessert to serve with meatloaf

For special occasions, we would suggest not to serve bland mashed potatoes only. We come bearing good news for our health conscious readers here. With the spinach gravy recipe, our suggestion would be to stick to specific measurements only. You have to give up a lot of delicious meals if you want to sustain it.

How about we try something interesting here? In that case, add bits of jalapenos or anchovies to add flavor. Meat Loaf Meal's Comforting. Basically for dinner, the combination of appetizer, main course, desserts and drinks should be different than that of lunch. We honestly love this cherry apple pie recipe but the problem is it is bit high on sugar.

what dessert to serve with meatloaf

You would love this simple and easy cream of mushroom soup recipe as appetizer.