What channel is tln on bell expressvu

Rodriquez explains his unique position as minister in creating opportunities for artists, writers and all creators in Canada while giving them a platform to connect to communities.

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I am an immigrant myself and a proud business owner…I know this channel will be a huge benefit to have, from providing jobs to giving the immigrant community something they can enjoy and understand in their various languages.

Pour l'obtenir: CanadaWorld TV will fill this void for all ethnic communities in Canada. This channel provides an outlet and can reach all Canadians.

what channel is tln on bell expressvu

It is our view that ATN and its partners would be very successful with this license and they would definitely conduct themselves in a very responsible manner. Expanded choice enhances diversity, culture and heritage, while improving quality and sophistication of T. Channel number and availability may vary by region.

what channel is tln on bell expressvu

The trust between Asian Television Network and their audiences is authentic and was built over many years of commitment to community. Also they have been active in supporting the creation of Canadian content as well as supporting community service organizations. Arzeeyaan Entertainment, Ontario.

what channel is tln on bell expressvu

All 20 top immigrant language communities in Canada will receive news and information programming multiple times a week. Given the diverse nature of our community we found that ATN has managed to unify our community at large hence with this kind of experience we are confident that they ATN will be able to enhance this new service to encompass all communities across Canada. Media Director, Dyversity Communications, Ontario.


It is also an undertaking which will create jobs and opportunities in the media content space. Pardeep S. President, Media Dimensions Ltd, Ontario. It gave me comfort and made me feel like a piece of my homeland was always with me.

I have worked very closely with TLN over my career and have always found them to be innovative, market savvy and very professional. TLN has many years of experience in addressing the market they serve currently. Raman Kurt Arzeeyaan Entertainment, Ontario.

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This channel can become a platform for multicultural communication, for exchange of opinions as well an opportunity to create on Canadian voice comprised of multilingual contributors.

Canada World TV programming will provide a common ground for all ethnic communities which can foster understanding and cooperation among them. We highly recommend that this group be granted this licence.