What causes purple ring around pool

what causes purple ring around pool

What do we do? If it looks like rust, it probably is. To keep organic pool stains out of your pool, do your best to keep the pool clean.

Big lesson learned for the price of convenience! Visit to pool Store Yesterday to test water.

what causes purple ring around pool

Meanwhile our beautiful clear pool with hardly any stains on the bottom turned into a pond!!! Most of it vacuumed to waste ok, but I poured muriatic acid in the water near but not onto the liner, and scrubbed it with a non-scratch pad. A little bit of elbow grease, using s kitchen sponge, scrub pad, or maybe a Magic Eraser used lightly, might work.

New media New comments Search media. I hope that these suggestions will help you understand pool stains a bit more and provide some useful methods for effective pool stain removal.

what causes purple ring around pool

With brushing and vacuum will this ring go away with proper chemical balance? The purple ring is from a combination high CYA and algaecide.

Swimming Pool Stains Removal Guide

Tie it off tightly into a pool stain bag that you can place over stained areas with your pool brush. Linus Pauling would be so proud! Make sure to save those links yourself. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

How to Diagnose and Test Swimming Pool Stains

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Purple ring around pool

Either that — or the rust is coming from the inside-out! Menu Menu. So I have done a partial drain. Mineral Stains: I will update with the recommended kit here. There are two different types of Stain Erasers — tan for concrete pools and blue for vinyl pools.

what causes purple ring around pool