What causes green water in hot tub

Green Hot Tub Water: Why It Happens and How To Fix

We've got an Optima and sometimes our ozone wont run for 8-10hrs becuz the temp is too high. Logged saz Guest Re: August 27, 2004, 06: All rights reserved. The sticky brown gunk at the waterline was gross.

what causes green water in hot tub

Tackle algae with chlorine , shock , and cleaning the filter. The foam got freakin huge!

what causes green water in hot tub

Algae can spread quickly if the cover is removed or left off during the day, the filter cartridge is dirty and if the sanitizer levels are consistently low. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here... If you use the hot tub often, use a little more chlorine more often as frequent use can use up chlorine a little faster.

Ph was a tiny bit low so I bumped it up Avail. I started scooping it out with a net, got most of it, but now the water is green and cloudy.

Green Hot Tub Water? Find the Source and a Solution

All rights reserved. I will drain for sure if I cannot combat the problem in the next few days.

what causes green water in hot tub

Thanks, I will. Sometimes low pH can induce a green tint to your spa water.

5 Common Hot Tub Issues and Solutions

Keeping these levels in appropriate ranges will help prevent unwanted effects like horrible smells, colors, scums, and more. Definitely sanitizer can be a reason for that, but check your ph and alk as well.

But it's still lime green. Draining and refilling is actually the solution for many hot tub issues if the levels get too out of whack.

Logged Hot Tub Forum Re: Used the Baqua Spa startup kit, turned pale green within 48 hours.