Vehicle vibrates when braking downhill

Is it time to get my brakes replaced, or is this pretty normal for steep highway hills? Keep in mind that every car has its own standard torque specifications, which are generally printed on the rotor itself. Ryan Gsell Flickr. Jan 19, 2012 4.

Car Shakes When Braking? 4 Common Causes And Fixes

Conversion kits and price on 2011 jeep grand cherokee. How to Test Brake Line Fittings. The distributor is part of the ignition system in your vehicle and its purpose is to route high voltage from the ignition coil to the spark plug. Car starts to shake when braking down hill Posted by danielsl1999gsx , Jan 19, 2012.

Why Does My Car Wobble When I Brake?

Does it shake when you apply then brakes when slowing down from highway speeds? One possible cause of vibrations in a car's wheel is an uneven tightening of the rotors. Whom Can You Really Trust? Let go of the steering wheel for a brief moment and notice if the car immediately tries to go to the right or left.

Do you already have an account? As we mentioned, this is almost always caused by a problem with the rotors. Get your car or truck into Brake Works right away, and let our technicians correct the problem. Why does your steering wheel shake when braking?

Car starts to shake when braking down hill

Distad ]. If you hit the brakes and feel your car wobble or shudder, it's time to give your brakes a thorough inspection. That should trigger it for a few seconds. If your shaking only happens when braking your pads or rotors are likely the cause.