Receiving stolen property how much jail time

Receipt of Stolen Property

Beer kegs Cable, wire, electrical components, and related equipment Grave markers Guardrails for bridges, highways, and roads Highway and street signs Street light poles and fixtures Manhole covers Metal historical, commemorative, and memorial markers and plaques, Grocery carts Metal bossies Rail spikes, rail ties, and other railroad material Burnt wire In addition to hefty fines and jail time, felonies come with restricted and reduced rights, limited educational and professional opportunities, and a social stigma.

This FREE, valuable document will help you to begin to take charge of your situation. The right professional needs to act quickly to preserve evidence, interview witnesses, and preserve defense testimony. If the person discovered the property was stolen after accepting it, but still intends to keep it or use it for a dishonest purpose such as selling it to someone else , then the person is guilty of possessing stolen property.

Meet Our Firm. Can't find a category? To receive stolen property in the State of Mississippi can be either a felony or a misdemeanor, depending upon the value of the goods in question. Another element that the prosecution must prove is that the defendant actually, jointly or constructively possessed the property.

In the absence of a reasonable explanation which the jury determines, then knowledge that the property was stolen will be inferred to the defendant.

Receiving Stolen Property Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 266 Section 60 , makes it is a criminal offense to receive, to aid or to assist in the concealment of, or to buy, stolen property. A person cannot be convicted of this crime if he acted foolishly in receiving the stolen property.

Receiving Stolen Property

Columbus Receiving Stolen Property Defense Lawyer A conviction for a theft offense like receiving stolen property can severely damage your credibility as a moral, honest person as well as land you with jail time and hefty fines. Felony Drug Trafficking Result: Receiving stolen property is a crime in order to deter people from aiding or rewarding thieves by buying stolen property, concealing stolen property, and to deter theft in general.

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receiving stolen property how much jail time

Depending upon any additional charges that are involved, you could be facing more time behind bars, if convicted. Please choose a category from the list.

receiving stolen property how much jail time

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receiving stolen property how much jail time