Medicine wholesale software distributor

The research is already done for you! Your first purchased single license edition will be upgraded to Server edition at free of cost at that time.

GST Ready Medical, Pharma Software for Retailer, Wholesaler & Distributor

Accurate business closing with very little manual work helps me to save the time after the last sale at the closing time of business for the day. Pharmaceutical Specific Functionality Includes: Lock for sale of expired and banned items.

medicine wholesale software distributor

Download PDF Version. Become a smart pharma distributor. Date Range wise Sales Report of the Distributor. Financial Management Mfg: It will automatically warn the user if it finds that the entered data may be wrong. Customer Relationship Mgmt Mfg: Salesman can locate retailers with ease Easy to use: NET Cleantouch Taxes.

EasySol Pharma Wholesale Software offers high speed of billing which will help you to serve your customer more efficiently in a short span of time. The software will run on following operating systems. Colour schemed stock report will help you to easily find the lowstock, nostock and plenty stock item.

Medicine Distributors

Cleantouch presents, another gift for distribution business, especially Medicine Distributors. Any staff can do only those action which you have give him the permission.

medicine wholesale software distributor

Daily Purchase Report of the Wholesale Distributor. Read more.


Summary to submit or... Credit receiving transaction can be recorded by bill numbers. VDO Help This software have easy to follow video training tutorial. You can also return of any item without bills.

Pharma Distribution wholesaler sales invoicing billing software

Our Clients. Daily Sales Report of the Wholesale Distributor.

medicine wholesale software distributor

It provides comprehensive solution for accounting, sales, purchase, order management and MIS reporting.