Mae hong son loop how many days

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mae hong son loop how many days

The same fish in Tham Pla can be seen in Tham Lod so skip this if you're going to or have been to Tham Lod From here you can carry on along the 1095 to Pangmapha or Pai or if you have time for a detour you can backtrack about 1km then head up towards Ban Rak Thai a Kuomintang village near the Myanmar border.

Its remote location gives it a secluded and tranquil feel, while its proximity to Burma gives rise to the mix of people who reside there: Due to the popularity of the loop, there are quite a few options for accommodation and dining in town these days. A great hairpin turn between Pai and Chiang Mai.

Mae Hong Son Loop: Address, Phone Number, Mae Hong Son Loop Reviews: 4.5/5

But there are many questions. On your way to Pai, you can also visit the Lod Cave which is a cave which you can explore on a bamboo raft as it had a stream running through it.


THB 400. We recommend doing the trip in at least four days, longer if you want to enjoy some time in any of the towns Pai especially. Mae Surin, the tallest single tier waterfall in Thailand.

We rented our scooters from the company Mr Mechanic in Chiang Mai. On a Honda Wave, for example, did you find your control or stability affected when riding with your large rucksacks?

Mae Hong Son Loop

I will do exactly this route, starting in two days. Show options. Follow the signs to the exit of the cave, south of the entrance. Alesha And Jarryd on August 3, 2016 at 23: I did have some questions though, how big were your backpacks and were they a hassle carrying them on the bike with you, or did you leave them behind somwhwre and take smaller bags?

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mae hong son loop how many days

If cost is your number one criteria, trek from Chiang Mai but be prepared for a mediocre experience. I only used Google Maps on smartphone, and this was enough.

Mae Hong Son Loop Motorbike Travel Guide

Statues from all over Asia are on display. It's a great place to pick up handicrafts and souvenirs such as woodcarvings, silverware, precious stones, and antiques.

mae hong son loop how many days

Just enter your information below to get a FREE quote. A week around Luang Prabang North or south?

Thailand’s Mae Hong Son Loop: A Guide For Travellers

We stayed in a small guesthouse and woke up to a beautiful riverside view. Mae Hong Son Loop. Follow signs to Mae Hong Son.