In hanasakeru seishounen who does she pick

in hanasakeru seishounen who does she pick

Her childhood friend, Li Ren Fang, is charged with helping her on her mission while protecting her as her guardian. Aaaaah Lee-Leng is my favourite character and it was clearly that she takes him: Kajika told him to choose, come with her or stay.

The series sure came a long way after the Director was changed.. Lin Li's father heard the news and he's angry.

in hanasakeru seishounen who does she pick

Then he's not pointing the knife anymore and said he wants his uncle's son to be the leader instead of his uncle or himself. The marriage was decided because he used Kajika's life to force him. Report Abuse. Eugene said save the thanks later when she gets what she want back.

In the series Hanasakeru Seishounen, who does Kajika end up with?

If she loves one of them in return, Harry wins. Kajika, Li Ren, Eugene, and Carl Rosenthal get caught up in the country's troubles and all four of them are trapped within its borders when chaos breaks out. Jul 2010 Posts: Toranosuke says they needs to find out how to get Li Ren out, thought there's many people locking the house. At times, she can be very childish when she doesn't get her way and can throw tantrums at Li Ren in particular, coming off like a spoiled little sister.

BBCode Tch! He never thought of him as enemy and not even Zhao, just the situation is different.

in hanasakeru seishounen who does she pick

I'll give them credit... BBCode Sig Removed. Woo, Li-Ren got his balls back. According to the rules, if she picks one of the three men, Harry will tell Kajika her true destiny.

Kajika Burnsworth

I really liked this show, most likely because of Kajika's non-stereotypical shoujo-lead, but also the guys who actually have brains instead of your regular reversed harem. SilentRevelation Offline Joined: Manga Toritsukareru Koto "We are not obsessed.

in hanasakeru seishounen who does she pick

Maybe because I expected more for the ending. In one of the last few episodes you see Harry reminiscing about "Kitty" Kajika's mother and how about no half-assed man is able to protect her and whatnot.

Who will Kajika Choose?

Carl's father hates Harry Burnsworth, to the point where he becomes obsessed with discrediting him. If she loves none of them, Kajika wins. To all naysayers ab Kajika, Fuk yourself.