Howard kaufman frontline management

howard kaufman frontline management

To the point where the day before you die, despite having enough cash for your whole neighborhood to retire, you go to work, because you love it. The cause of death is as yet unknown. Counter Site Counter: Kaufman's longtime management company, H.

He had my respect and I'll be lighting a couple of candles and offering some prayers in St. And everybody cares about the money.

Howard Kaufman, Veteran Rock Manager, Dies at 79

You need to put some of that money away in savings. Because even if you give him all the ticket revenue you're gonna make bank on parking and merch and food and beverage. From terrible sound systems with no production to great sound systems with hi-def projection. Bill Graham may have institutionalized rock concerts, but it was Led Zeppelin's manager Peter Grant who flipped the script, who had Jimmy and the boys getting ninety percent of the money, because after all, everybody knew the show was gonna sell out.

Howard Kaufman, manager for the Eagles, Aerosmith and Stevie Nicks, dies at 79

There was a plethora of people who learned this way. This music business didn't sprout in its present incarnation overnight.

howard kaufman frontline management

See all newsletters. Hell, if you're a guaranteed sell out there's enough money for everybody. News Feed.

Legendary manager Howard Kaufman dies aged 79

And there was plenty of money in the seventies. In 1969, he became a partner and business manager at Caribou Management, getting his first taste of rock stardom when he worked with Chicago, then still an emerging rock band.

howard kaufman frontline management

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In Memoriam: Howard Kaufman, 79

Now L. And we've had a couple of revolutions in this century. Kaufman's longtime management company, H. Because unlike those that followed him into the business, Howard was not about fame, he was about protecting the interests of his artists, and money.