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It was above the crib, but now is above her bed. He used to walk this around our house and our yard. Every time I see it, I hold back a tear. When I change the toy set up, I only change one book here or one book there.

how we montessori ikea coupons

I bought one for my son as well. She has her hanging clothes, then shirts, pants, and shorts on her shelf, extra sheets, clothes in the basket, bibs and socks in the next basket, and too many folded blankets. But this shelf has helped her to have her own space, apart form her brother, to play independently.

Hi, Linda, the best advice is to just do one thing a day. The room is completely safe for her, with no sharp objects, outlets, or wires available for her to be harmed — please make sure you practice caution when setting up any sleeping or play area for your baby! How cute! Above these shelves are labeled bins of clothing for various ages and genders. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

how we montessori ikea coupons

Blocks, toys, rings, etc. The room is by Christie, who I just realized you quoted in this post.

Our Montessori Baby Room {& Peter Rabbit Nursery}

I got it from Buy Buy Baby about five years ago!! Thanks Amy!

how we montessori ikea coupons

The crib was still in the room for my baby girl, but I also put our twin bed right next to it because her and I had gotten used to nursing to sleep. I have always loved Beatrix Potter, so making a Peter Rabbit nursery just made sense. I found this beautiful Peter Rabbit light switch from Etsy. You figured it out much sooner than I did!