How true is primary colors movie plot

Libby argues that they shouldn't use it.

Augrury cures politics? "Primary Colors"FAIRUSE EDUCATION

Stuff I've seen. Among its pleasures is the way it lets us examine the full frame and observe how characters at the side or in the background react; whole characters are developed in asides.

how true is primary colors movie plot

Jack Stanton is running for president. Stanton empathizes with him, telling the story of his Uncle Charlie--who was a Medal of Honor winner but passed up college scholarships because he was ashamed to admit his illiteracy, and instead "just laid down on his couch and smoked his Luckies.

Primary Colors: fiction takes second place to fact

The idea that it was written by someone with high-level access to the campaign proved irresistible, for the simple reason that it was the ultimate navel-gazing parlor game for the very groups that could most ensure it became water-cooler conversation: Loading comments… Trouble loading? Through Henry, we meet the campaign's inner circle.

how true is primary colors movie plot

Like Clinton, Stanton faces allegations about his activities during the Vietnam war — in Clinton's case, avoiding the draft. How to Train Your Dragon: Stanton's staff, like Clinton's, knows they are dealing with a flawed man with huge charisma who has the potential to be a fine president and do good things for the people.

Assigned to dig up dirt on his past, Burton and Holden uncover shocking stuff, but now realize they are descending into Nixonian style campaign tactics and wonder if the ends really justify the means. Still, the phenomenon of Primary Colors feels like a significant chapter in the history of political reporting, part of a transition away from the days when inside-baseball reporting was the purview of outside-the-Beltway writers like Hunter S.

how true is primary colors movie plot

Burton walks into the campaign headquarters a hotel suite to find the Governor coming out of a bedroom not completely dressed, and a disheveled librarian they had just met at a school they had attended. Jump to: Then one Cashmere McLeod releases tapes of sexually suggestive conversations between herself and the governor.

Primary Colors

The Right Side of History: Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. But in a strange way "Primary Colors'' may actually work to help Clinton. The Washington Post notes Larry King dedicated an entire show to the search, taking call-in tips from locales as far-flung as South Africa. To some degree, neither; it's a treatment of matters that the electorate has already made up its mind about.

It is also very funny at times, as when Stanton, Jemmons and others get in a "momma-thon,'' praising their mothers into the night.