How to use stsadm sharepoint 2007

how to use stsadm sharepoint 2007

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Complete reference of all STSADM operations (with parameters) in MOSS 2007 SP1

Read the stsadm command index here: Passed ReadOnlyDatabase... If you deployed the objects via a Feature then they will not be exported. You can find more information here: Running this command will create a CAB file containing all your deployed objects. The updatefarmcredentials command introduces one new parameter: There's a lot of cool things to see.

To use an interactive Silverlight application to learn about the commands available, see Stsadm Silverlight application http: Information Only FarmInfo...

how to use stsadm sharepoint 2007

I have been assured that it makes no changes to your databases, so it's completely safe to run. However, one small caveat here. Information Only AamUrls...

New STSADM Commands and Parameters with SharePoint 2007 SP2

Passed WindowsInternalDatabaseSite... One last word of caution.

how to use stsadm sharepoint 2007

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how to use stsadm sharepoint 2007

The nositelock parameter is specific to site collection backups and was added to mimic earlier behavior of not locking the site collection during a backup.