How to tame your dragon dragons

A large Sharp Class dragon introduced in the second movie. The ash apparently acts as a fertilizer; flowers will grow in the burn mark afterwards.

Dragon Manual

Other texts consist of symbols that have no meaning or organization. It Can Think: Follow TV Tropes. Most of the dragons, even the most flying specialized, are still very capable swimmers, and vice-versa. An aggressive dragon that attacks vikings with shiny objects and drags them beneath the sand to its underground lair.

Small Stoker Class dragons, Fireworms are lizard-sized and lizard-like dragons that rely on their fiery skin to shield them from bigger enemies. Once a dragon becomes the Alpha, it can control other dragons through sheer force of will. It helps them understand the abilities, weaknesses, and behavior of dragons, helping them study and train dragons easier.

Strike Class

A member of the Mystery Class of dragons, Changewings are best known for their chameleonic scales, which make them extremely difficult to find. One of the first new species of dragons the group encounters on their travels.

Early-Bird Cameo: Terrible Terror. There are two notable subspecies: Catastrophic Quaken. The current kings, however, are the Whispering Death which has six rows of teeth that can rotate like a rock-cutter and the Snaptrapper which has four heads, each of which has three toothy jaws.

Slitherwings spit and excrete deadly venom that is debilitating in moments and lethal within a day. A mythical dragon which supposedly bites humans in order to turn them into fellow members of its species. Grim Gnasher.

how to tame your dragon dragons

You give a Boneknapper whatever it's looking for and it's just like an overgrown puppy dog. Spends most of its time underwater and so is rarely a threat unless it takes a hankering to a netload of fish, or decides to get territorial around a ship. The Hidden World. The Dragon Manual.

how to tame your dragon dragons

A giant, frog-like Tidal Class dragon that is known for creating whirlpools strong enough to drown entire Viking ships. Canonically, all of the "friendly" species of dragon are piscovores fish-eaters and have no interest in animal flesh except Stormfly, who will eat fish if offered, but treats chicken as her Trademark Favorite Food.

how to tame your dragon dragons

Several facts about the book are shown to be wrong, including that the Scauldron DOES have venom "Dragon Flower" , and in regards to some dragon types it knows nothing case in point: