How to ship coins cheap

Best way to ship coins on Ebay?

Hope this helps. Go to eBay and do a search on "000 mailer". Sincerely, Myeackle P.

how to ship coins cheap

The envelope made it, small rip in the corner, no word on what happened to the silver dollar. Use of any images or content on this website without prior written permission of Coin Community or the original lender is strictly prohibited. Coin Talk. May 2011 Posts: USPS should insure coins no problem if you decide to get it.

best way to ship a single coin

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how to ship coins cheap

All times are GMT -5. Donkey Joined: Got a question? The way you said you shipped it is probably the best, I'll be happy to look further into it but I'm not on a computer now so cant look the regs up.

how to ship coins cheap

It's pretty much self explanatory. I bought a couple Morgans once and when i got it, the envelope was ripped and they were in between folder paper....

Packing a Coin For Shipment

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how to ship coins cheap

How should the seller ship to get the best protection? They cost me 20c for 200 but could get down to about 15c for bigger orders. I always take my envelopes to the counter and as for the people at the post office they have told me as long as it is letter mail ie. I contacted USPS and they said the seller has to call the mail carrier that he used when he shipped it.

I fold the mailer in half and then tape around all four sides, just in case a side splits.

Cheapest and safest way to ship coins (USA)

There are currently 116,709 users on this website. I ship my coins in 4 x 6 inch padded envelopes. You could also force your printer to think it's a smaller paper size, and it'll scale the print down. RaceBannon , Mar 16, 2011.