How to setup cisco ip phone system

An application chooses the required media resource, such as a Music On Hold server, from the available media resources according to the priority order that is defined in a Media Resource Group List. The following sections describe these methods: Choose the appropriate Media Resource Group List. Please visit the Cisco Blogs hub page for the latest content. You can use this parameter to assign this address if DHCP does not provide it. Set the Alternate Domain parameter to Yes.

If you already have an IP network and a high-speed Internet connection, you can implement a VoIP phone system—and you can do it in three steps.

how to setup cisco ip phone system

If you set this parameter to Yes and subsequently make changes using the web interface, you must set this parameter to No before saving those changes; otherwise, the changes will be overwritten by the profile obtained from a TFTP server. To convert this phone to SIP, perform these steps:.

how to setup cisco ip phone system

The phone first requests the following configuration file, where mac is the hexadecimal representation of the MAC address of the phone: Use caution when connecting cables.

Valid values are 1 to 65535. If you need more information, refer to the documentation for the specific device that you are configuring or contact the manufacturer.

3 steps for Implementing VoIP in Your Small Business

For more information, see the "Resetting a Phone" section. Scroll to the Alternate Domain parameter and press the Yes softkey if the phone should use an alternative domain name.

VOIP Phone Setup Walkthrough

Network settings are locked again automatically when you return to the main screen. Note Do not configure Auto Answer for devices that have shared lines.

Tip The options in the drop-down box display only if the phone model supports the device security mode. Use this field only if you do not want the directory number to show on the line appearance. Was this Document Helpful? By the way, thanks for sharing! See "Reference List of Parameters.

You may configure the encryption key by using either the LCD screen on the phone or by using the Phone Configuration Web page. Changes these settings to their default values: Press the Accept softkey, and then press the Save softkey.

how to setup cisco ip phone system

Requesting the Configuration File and the Profile File. From the drop-down list box, choose the calling search space to associate with the alternate party target destination number. Destination—Use any dialable phone number, including an outside destination. Find Matches in This Book. For each phone that wants Privacy, choose On in the Privacy drop-down list box.

how to setup cisco ip phone system