How to make bulletin board borders

Some had just a few stamped on the strips, while others had a huge amount of snowflakes!

Simple steps to create BORDERS for Bulletin boards in school

No more! However, letting the kiddos make the borders is just as cute as the pre-made borders, if not cuter!

how to make bulletin board borders

Privacy Policy. Your email address will not be published. Blog Post. The cards are thick so they stand up well to being stapled. Print the photos with a color printer or at the local print shop. Staple the folded corner and let the top fan outward.

Easy Child Made Bulletin Boards – Artful Borders

I put the cookie cutters next to the plate, along with strips of red paper. Break up table spaces and give each child his own workspace. Grade PreK-5.

how to make bulletin board borders

My students go through them like they are going out of style. Grade 1-6.

Twenty Ideas for Bulletin Board Borders

Butcher Ropes and Braids. You can even cut words into the paper edges, to make an interesting title around the board. How I assembled the borders: Meghan Everette. Snap pictures while students are working on the project to be featured on the board. Have you ever created a bulletin board, or borders, like this?

Use plain boxes turned into dioramas or temporary shelves to display student work. They can be done for as little as nine cents each in some places! Cover an air unit with butcher paper and add a border.

how to make bulletin board borders

Adding a border to paper can turn any area into a bulletin board. I think it looks very festive.

how to make bulletin board borders

More About. Then trim the edges in fun shapes or easy patterns.