How to make a mini paper bookshelf

Make a Cardboard Bookcase

E Staple them together. Dip the end of the tiny quill into your paint, and push it down through the hole in the bead, where it should stand erect. Grab your cutting mat and balsa wood. Image of a finished bookcase below.

how to make a mini paper bookshelf

Pinch the paper in it, with the folded edge just poking past the end of the clamp. Almost all steps are accompanied with images. If you cut them a little short, that's fine. Reply Upvote. You should end up with a flattened folded piece of paper no, we're not doing origami. While you wait for your glued book spines to dry, make more books. Image 5 However, the cutout should be too tall to fit in the gap.

Miniature Bookcase With Books

I used school glue, since it's just a small project, but you can use wood glue if you like. Now let's think for a minute.

how to make a mini paper bookshelf

Take your feather and trim it down. Now we have the back, sides, and shelves cut out! Set in a handmade bookcase, miniature books make a great gift, conversation piece, or decoration. If you ever make this project, have fun doing it!

how to make a mini paper bookshelf

I used a small faux diamond bead because its cool faceted surface looks really nice with the black paint. This piece will be your back. Try out seeing how your colors look together, whether some of them look good sideways, or if they should all be upright. After you cut out the pieces, take up one of them and lay it onto the back piece.

The shelf is now put together.

how to make a mini paper bookshelf

But that doesn't leave any space for the sides to be attached to the back!