How to install zubits

The Zubits closures look just like a small metal rectangle. We have never heard of them causing issues.

how to install zubits

As a part of this survey you will have the opportunity to purchase additional Zubits closures and add them to your order. When you step on your heel with one foot and lift your other foot, you can generate a lot of force.

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how to install zubits

Posted by Ryan Wiens Creator. No more tying, knots, loose laces, floppy bows, or squeezing into shoes. And yes, the thick laces fit through Zubits holes just fine.

how to install zubits

Do they work with Boots? The only challenge with boots is if you have speed laces a hook instead of a hole in the shoe. They are not supposed to mix.

how to install zubits

Ryan Wiens. Zubits closures are perfect for traveling by airplane!

Installation Instructions

But we have a few tricks to make even boots with speed laces work. After the campaign is over you will receive a survey about a couple weeks after the campaign.

how to install zubits

The ultimate pocket footwear designed for all your adventures, travels and sports. Thousands of people have flown with Zubits closures and this is where people love using them most.

Share this project Done. Tight athletic shoes seem to pose more risk of popping open for example. Also, you can pop the closures open while sitting on a long flight so your feet are comfortable without taking off your shoes and stinking up the plane not that any of our backers would ever have stinky feet.