How to identify a blood gang member

how to identify a blood gang member

Site Survey. This system of identification would allow gang members to avoid assaulting members of different sets who belonged to the same gang.

Signs of Gang Membership

Future members of either the Bloods or Crips were expected to "jump in" and fight established members of the gang which they wanted to join. The "Boozies," for example, consisted of brothers and their friends who engaged in prostitution, theft and forgery.

These can easily pass through metal detectors.

how to identify a blood gang member

Gang graffiti can be found on neighborhood walls, fences and mailboxes. Commonly, letters of the alphabet or numbers are formed by using the fingers and hands. Many of the gang members who became involved in the buying and selling of narcotics came from the inner city areas where poverty and unemployment are a way of life.

These later form large scars. This analysis has stayed consistent with having no backlog since March of 2013.

How Are Gangs Identified

Thus, "coffee" becomes "boffee," "compton" becomes "bompton," and "cat" becomes "bat. Gang members ranged in ages from as young as fourteen to as old as twenty-four, and they were required to perform certain acts in order to receive initiation into these gangs.

There are literally hundreds of sets or individual gangs under the main Blood and Crip names" 12. Its Nature, Prevalence, and Control. The story of the L.

how to identify a blood gang member

The late 1960's was the site of the development of what would be one of the most violent and unlawful African-American gangs in the history of Los Angeles, the Crips. For example, the five-point star is used by northern California Hispanic and the Chicago-based Latin Kings street gangs. In addition to theft, prostitution and forgery, gangs of the 1940's were involved in extortion and gambling.

how to identify a blood gang member

Gang involvement in the drug market has led to an extraordinary amount of violence throughout certain cities due to the members fighting over "profitable narcotics trade" 11. Ultimately, gang membership is determined by the behavior and attitude of the individual. The religious symbols have nothing to do with the gang life, but may simply show a belief in a particular religion. Gang clothing styles can be easily detected because of the specific way gang members wear their clothing.

The happy- and sad-face theatrical masks refer to the gang life style — smile now, cry later. Gangs share common characteristics such as the wearing of distinct clothing or using particular hand signs or signals. Graffiti may also take on specific characteristics of a particular gang like a unique symbol or use of numbers or letters. They can be numbers like 666 mark of the beast , 14, 13 , or 88 the eighth letter of the alphabet, H. Gang tattoos have included pictures of wild animals like panthers or tigers, or mythical animals like dragons.

how to identify a blood gang member