How to grow magic rock crystal

That's what I wanted to know so I performed a series of experiments to see what happens if you break some of these rules. Share Flipboard Email.

It's recommended to cover the surface on which you'll be mixing the solution with wax paper, plastic wrap or aluminum foil and not to use newspapers or wood cutting boards.

Read the directions before beginning this project.

how to grow magic rock crystal

There are different Magic Rock kits on the market. What happens if you place too many rocks in the growing solution at the same time? If you've lost your instructions, you should purchase a new kit and read the instructions in it completely. Box is still sealed.

Magic Rocks

Grow your own magic rocks instant crystal growing kit. You get almost a solid column of growth which can be quite strong, for Magic Rocks, if it doesn't reach the surface of the liquid is only four times as tall as it is wide.

how to grow magic rock crystal

How they work. Piles of very small pieces sometimes hardly grew at all and other times produced uninteresting mounds. Mix the solution well this is important. During the rinsing step, you can look down and often see that the spires have grown in a ring around the rock and that the center of the ring, where the rock was, is completely empty.

When one of the rocks pieces of metallic salt is dropped into the sodium silicate an acid solution, the surface dissolves and combines with the sodium silicate to form a gelatin.

Magic Rocks - Review

I hope you've enjoyed this page. You could make your own Magic Rocks , but most kits are inexpensive. A decade after creating this page I decided to update it with several videos. If you can't find Magic Rocks at your local toy store, variety store or supermarket I found mine in a Stator Brothers , here are a few on-line sources.

Make Your Own Magic Rocks

Eventually the entire rock is consumed and the process stops. A cloudy residue collects on the bottom of the jar.

how to grow magic rock crystal

Are Magic Rocks worth trying? The Magic Rocks are chunks of metal salts that have been stabilized by being dispersed in aluminum hydroxide or alum. Large pieces sometimes didn't use up all of their material. And Remember, don't be afraid to experiment with your Magic Rocks.

how to grow magic rock crystal

You can get poor results if you don't adhere to the instructions. If you don't get a kit that includes a display tank, you will need a small plastic or glass bowl a small fishbowl works. Pour in the diluted Magic Solution.

Mix the Magic Solution with the amount of water indicated in the instructions. The metal salts react with the sodium silicate to form the characteristic colored precipitant chemical towers about 4" high.