How to fold a paper in thirds

how to fold a paper in thirds

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Divide Paper into Thirds: Estimation Method

I thought the technique was cool, but the third marker point is at a rather strange location on the page, making it hard to fold the page. Method 4.

how to fold a paper in thirds

If your initial guess was accurate enough, you will not need to continue more. Ross Millikan Ross Millikan 297k 23 198 371. This method of folding perfect thirds uses nothing more than the measuring power of the human eye to find the spots where your paper folds into thirds.

how to fold a paper in thirds

Finally, take the non-folded edge of the paper and tuck it underneath the folded edge. A Anonymous Mar 18, 2018.

Divide Paper into Thirds: Method 3

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. If you're making the folds for an important letter, practice on a blank sheet before you try on the final product.

Folding a paper into third is useful when you want to mail someone using an envelope. Roll the paper into a tube.

fold the paper to a bit less than the height of the envelope

The tolerance we use in the above figure is 1 mm. The hard part of this method is already done.

how to fold a paper in thirds

Whether you're sending a letter to a loved one, doing a math project, or just dividing your scratch paper into three equal spaces, a perfectly-folded piece of paper shows professionalism and attention to detail. You can even use trial-and-error to get your folds right.

how to fold a paper in thirds

If you don't mind getting additional folds on your page you can use A3, but I am going to take you through this with A4 paper. Refold until the thirds are as precise as possible. This means.