How to fabricate pipe support types

The most common way to anchor a pipe is to weld the pipe directly to a support or structural member. Different Types of Pipe Supports December 12, 2016 3 comments.

how to fabricate pipe support types

Only the most common types are described on this page. Image Source: For piping supported from below, some form of slide must be incorporated to provide for the horizontal movement; or, in the case of ensured longitudinal movement, a pipe roll may be used. Pipe size, length and wall thickness of the pipe-extension depends on several factors such as the total load, the parent pipe line size etc.. The loads of the pipes generally tend to fluctuate depending on the mass of the substance that flows inside them.

Pipe supports come in many configurations, and are designed to constrain pipe motion in one, two, or three space coordinates.

Structural attachments are elements that are welded, bolted, or clamped to the pipe, such as clips, lugs, clamps, clevises, and stops. Manufactures have catalogs that thoroughly illustrate supports of all types.

If the pipe to be anchored is insulated, first a pipe shoe is welded to the pipe and then the shoe is welded to the steel structure.

how to fabricate pipe support types

Constant hangers and constant supports are used for piping and related components where higher levels of vertical travel occur. Pipe supports and hangers are devices which transfer the loads from the pipe or the structural attachment to the supporting structure or equipment.

Elastic pipe supports are able to support pipes even when they are constantly moving up or down due to the pressure and flow of substances inside the pipe. Hydraulic Shock Absorbers The use of shock absorbers snubbers is preferred in thermally operating piping systems.


Hanger is a term that often means quite different things to different people. The support load changes as the spring moves through its range at a specified spring rate.

When the pipe is supported on shoes, the angle shapes are positioned on either side of the shoe.

how to fabricate pipe support types

The piping must therefore be supported in a correspondingly elastic manner. Consideration should be given to relocating the upper connection some percentage usually two-thirds of the total movement as a means for reducing the angularity in the hot position.

See hanger rod image on the right of this page. This support system is used the maximum in piping.