How to draw male anime hairstyles

Here are more examples of different basic shapes of hair. These are some of the simplest forms of each hair style. Within these clumps, add a few additional lines representing strands and areas where the hair naturally parts or falls. This tutorial explains the fundamentals of drawing different types of both male and female anime and manga hair.

How to Draw Anime & Manga Male & Female Hair

Remember, practice is the most important part of becoming good at anything. You can of course always look at real hair as well as examples of hair from actual anime and manga for additional reference.

how to draw male anime hairstyles

Short Hair Giving a female character a super-short haircut is a bold choice. Sometimes this is highly exaggerated, and other times it is hardly noticable, but for most anime hair styles, each individual strand of hair will have this basic shape. Dreadlocks Arrange the dreadlocks so that they can all be traced to a particular origin on the scalp, then fill in the surface of each one with tightly-packed lines.

This just makes things a bit easier when trying to figure out the way bangs should rest against the head.

How to Draw Hair (Part 1)

This is especially apparent on the top leftmost example; the lower line is curvier than the top line, giving the hair more depth and more of that anime-ish look. Skip to content.

how to draw male anime hairstyles

After some shading and color, your hair should look complete. Now, imagine a hairstyle you like and how it would lay on a human head.

Definitive Guide to Drawing Manga Hair

Draw two vertical lines, tilting diagonally at the top on both sides. Add lines for the individual strands of hair. You can find more instruction on drawing anime hair as well as manga poses and characters in the Mastering Manga series by Mark Crilley! Spiky Hair If you give one of your characters this type of hairstyle, try to organize the spikes so that you can draw them in roughly the same formation every time.

Notice how varying the size and shape of each strand gives the hair different character; the strands can be long and thin, thick and curvy, or sharp and spiky.

how to draw male anime hairstyles

It also provides detailed example drawings from the front side and back views. With longer hair you can also think of the sideburns as separate sections in addition to the sides top and back hair.

Drawing Anime Hair for Male and Female Characters

Notice that in most cases, the outline is more curvy on the bottom of the hair clump. The same similar shapes generally persist throughout many different hairstyles. Need to Download Painter?