How to curve edges in photoshop

That's how incredibly easy it is to give a photo rounded corners in Photoshop using a vector mask and the Rounded Rectangle Tool! You may want to set yours to a different value depending on the size and resolution of your image.

Round corners of an image via layers in Photoshop

Make sure the rounded rectangle captures the portions of the image you want as in the final output image. We will use Photoshop CS6 and the layers to make image corners round in this demo.

If you need to reposition your shape as you're dragging, hold down your spacebar , then drag the shape into its new location.

how to curve edges in photoshop

I've opened a new blank Photoshop document, filled the Background layer with black to help make it easier for us to see what's happening, and then dragged my photo into the new document. If you have "Show Tool Tips" enabled in your Photoshop Preferences, you may already have noticed something a little different when you hovered your mouse over the icon.

how to curve edges in photoshop

Now the selected area with dashed borders will be on the old image layer. Steps to round corners of an image in Photoshop Launch Photoshop on your computer. Well, we're about to do something that many people never do.

Edit rounded rectangles

I usually start with a value of somewhere between 10-20 pixels, then drag out my shape and decide if I like the corners. Using layers should be able to help you get rounded corners despite of the version of Photoshop you are working with. Okay, so that may be exaggerating things a bit, but rounded corners definitely look more appealing to us than sharp right angles. We're ready to drag out our shape.

Giving A Photo Rounded Corners In Photoshop

Just grab a pencil and a piece of paper, draw yourself a square, then a circle, and ask yourself which one seems more appealing to you. We have our Rounded Rectangle Tool selected, we've selected the "Shape layers" option in the Layers palette, and we've entered in a "Radius" value that will determine how rounded our corners will be. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Instead, we use shapes to control which parts of the layer are visible or hidden.

Facebook Twitter Google Reddit. Both the layer mask thumbnail on the left and the vector mask thumbnail on the right look exactly the same, but there's a big difference between a layer mask and a vector mask. Any areas of the photo that fall outside of the shape will be hidden from view by the vector mask. Select the Rounded Rectangle Tool from the list:. Although different versions of Photoshop may have different tools and features to help you do the same thing. And it's too bad for them because in this case, something else will happen!

It is because the rounded rectangle should be filled with the foreground color. Share this post: Release your mouse button when you're happy with your shape, and instantly, your photo is "masked" to the shape thanks to the vector mask, and the corners of the photo are now rounded:.

how to curve edges in photoshop

The tools we're selecting here are Shape tools and they're used to draw shapes. In fact, you can't paint on them because Photoshop won't let you. Click on the vector mask thumbnail in the Layers palette to select it.