How to check navcore version tomtom xl

Comment Name Email Website. Clean Install - How to install the latest map and navcore from scratc Thanks for the reply Lemonfish.

What version of Navcore have I got ?

Each map resides in its own directory. On a running TT, tap the speed area, and than tap the small area above where the speed was. Was trying out a posting for Brasil, but seems not for this navcore version... The Go740 lives on a bit longer: Ajouter un commentaire. Central Europe 955 6803 OR Attila.

how to check navcore version tomtom xl

Went back to 9465 Navcore and all is now well. This has become the preferred way.

how to check navcore version tomtom xl

Got it. It can patch the. I found the info screen.

how to check navcore version tomtom xl

Thanks, Augus. Disconnect using the OS mechanism for safe removal.

How to install truck software and maps on TomTom XL

Your original map will work with a patched navcore. I have a friend who is willing to share with me his latest map but I want to make sure I can use it before installing it. Think I found it at! Use TomTom Home to update the navcore to the latest version. In a few seconds, a pop-up message will let you know that the map has been activated successfully. Thu May 20, 2010 4: Do not place a map-directory inside another directory.

how to check navcore version tomtom xl

Go720 serial: Any thoughts? What's that song? The one after Map is the map version.