How to answer lsat logic questions

But they require you to place the sets of variables in order. Label them clearly with the question number they represent, and try to draw them as close to the applicable question as possible.

Tips for Answering LSAT Logical Reasoning Questions

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Then, you can build internal order vertically or horizontally whichever you prefer in each category.

how to answer lsat logic questions

Deciding to Apply. If you notice a particular rule or piece of information introduced in a question restricts the number of possible solutions to only 2 or 3, draw each one out completely.

LSAT Logic Games: Complete Guide

Again, we break the stimulus into conclusion and evidence, then predict the assumption. All we are doing is finding the conclusion and evidence in the stimulus, and drawing out the flawed assumption the author makes.

how to answer lsat logic questions

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LSAT tip - how to find the correct answer -

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how to answer lsat logic questions

However, there are usually some hints as to the minimum or maximum number that can be assigned to any given category. Finally we have parallel principle questions.

how to answer lsat logic questions

In either case your task is to determine what must be assumed in order for the argument's conclusion to be reasonably inferable. So, always do a quick review of the question type. Hold on to your prediction, repeat it against every answer choice the same way. Go there now.