How much blood circulates in the body

When you run around a lot, your body needs a lot more oxygen-filled blood.

Your Heart & Circulatory System

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PUL-muh-ner-ee valve , and they're in charge of controlling the flow as the blood leaves the heart. Most kids are born with a healthy heart and it's important to keep yours in good shape.

how much blood circulates in the body

Wiley; 2012. Steven Dowshen, MD. How does your heart work?

Amazing Heart Facts

What's next? It receives blood from the lungs and pumps it out to the body.

how much blood circulates in the body

Your heart deserves to be loved for all the work it does. Well, your blood relies on four special valves inside the heart. As a kid, your resting pulse might range from 90 to 120 beats per minute.

how much blood circulates in the body

The left ventricle relaxes and fills up with blood before squeezing and pumping the oxygen-rich blood through the aortic valve into the aorta — the main artery that carries blood to your body. How does the heart beat? The movement of the blood through the heart and around the body is called circulation say: Atlas of Human Anatomy.

how much blood circulates in the body

See Privacy Policy and Disclaimer. Each beat is caused by the contraction squeezing of your heart. This sound comes from the valves shutting on the blood inside the heart.

how much blood circulates in the body

What does it look like? The heart sends blood around your body. Reviewed by: Oxygen-rich blood is pumped out of the left side of your heart shown on the right in the diagram into the arteries to these tissues and organs.