How many labs test for spice

And even before these ingredients were banned nationally, numerous labs had already been developing methods to add Spice and its counterparts to their drug testing panels. Buphedrone 2-[methylamino]-1-phenylbutan-1-one. And, technically, that makes it legal.

Synthetic Cannabinoids Urine Testing

Ramin graduated from Towson University with a B. Routine testing of spice products provides greater assurance of food safety and can also prevent damaging recalls. K2 Spice Test. Demonstrating our commitment to delivering test procedures of the highest quality and following industry best practices, we maintain licensure and certifications from several state and federal agencies. According to Woodcock, another consideration when it comes to cost is that typically, confirmation tests cost more than ELISA enzyme-linked immune-sorbent assay or immunoassay tests.

These products are sold on the internet, head shops, smoking parlors and even some Beach Resorts.

how many labs test for spice

January 14, 2019. Eurofins is one of only a few laboratories with the understanding of spices necessary to produce consistently accurate results. Of growing concern to public health officials and law enforcement agencies is that routine drug testing cannot detect the use of the popular and highly intoxicating new drug K2 and Spice.

how many labs test for spice

Over the last several months, labs have identified two compounds currently found in all Spice products as well as a number of chemically similar variations. Contact Us. As incense or herbal smoking blends, they can be sold legally.

Get in touch with us. Thanks for your message. Synthetic cannabinoids compounds, found to be 4 to 100 times stronger than marijuana, are deceptively marketed as incense or herbal smoke products and sold under names like K2, K3 Legal, Spice, Syn, Haze, Cloud 9 to name a few. JWH-018 1-pentyl-1H-indol-3-yl - 1-naphthalenyl-methanone.

Synthetic Drug Testing – Laboratory Testing for K2 / Spice or Bath Salts

All specimens outsourced to our affiliate laboratory NMS. We will contact you immediately upon receipt of this message. Identifying the correct metabolites has been critical to developing reliable tests, according to Kobayashi.

Now that the DEA has banned the key ingredients in Spice, K2, Genie and similar products, Woodcock explains that it may be only a matter of time before clandestine labs develop and introduce new synthetic cannabinoids.

how many labs test for spice

Overview Resources. In order to come up with a test, labs had to develop standards based on the commercially available synthetics.

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