How many gangsta mc ardilla el

His lack of skills is reflected much more when he gets a beef with one of the best rappers in Spanish and without any precedent on diss songs , but is not able to capitalize on those 5 minutes of fame for his career.

MC Ardilla (Edición Especial)

Measuring your skills of wit and fluency on an instrumental can make you well known in the move. In 2008 El Prieto brings us: After this episode appears Ardilla with the theme: Apache vs Ciegushi After the death of Canserbero in 2015, statements appear on Alofoke Radio a medium dedicated to rap in Dominican Republic of a character named Ciegushi , an anonymous in his local movement as well as in Venezuela.

how many gangsta mc ardilla el

The first diss song in Venezuela, the victim,his former bandmate Dj Trece. By this time there was friction between the two exponents and during the first big rap event in Venezuela an incident occurs, where El Prieto takes Reke unnoticed and hits him in the face.

how many gangsta mc ardilla el

In 2003 Rotwailla Ex-La Corte brings us: In these statements Ciegushi indicates that the company represented by Cotur MC and of which Apache is part, recorded the music of Canserbero and was benefiting from it. Here I tell you the most representative:.

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Diss Songs in Venezuelan Rap Wars or beef , are a very common element in Rap music motivated by competition among rappers. The punchlines come and go, the flow of the Rottwailla is impeccable demonstrating why it was called the best flow of venezuela, even until his ex-partner in the court Big Habana charges his burst on this issue.

La Corte was the first group to record a rap album in our country and in total they made three. The answer is fast and El Nigga Sibilino is the one who does the honor. Reply 0. Many say that by referring to the a. After this round, El Prieto counterattacks with: Taking into account that his rival was nothing more and nothing less than the flag group of the Venezuelan Gangsta Rap, he is not intimidated and spits out lines like: This break brought episodes that reached the personal level, reaching its peak in 2011 during the Rap Latino Fest.

How Many Gangsta

Particularly, it seems to me one of the best diss songs in the country, where El Nigga boasts excellent writing skills with street experience. However, in each new edition the number of members decreased. These are the most representative beef of the Venezuelan hip hop scene, but there is more. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.

Biografía de El Prieto

Diss Songs in Venezuelan Rap!!! Ciegushi's response is a complete fiasco that could be classified as the worst song in the world if El Prieto did not exist. In my opinion, this and the fact that it was a war of the representatives of the malandro rap in Venezuela were the aspects that gave projection to this confrontation. Apache, pioneer of the Venezuelan rap and one of its main representatives does not leave space to the silence and it removes: Topic where it highlights the events mentioned by Ciegushi giving him a blow that has 9.

how many gangsta mc ardilla el

The latter represents a technical knockout to Prieto. Killer Insane.