How is stone made shiny nails

Gems get their brilliance from light reflecting off the facets, so regardless of attachment method, anything on top of the stone will dull the shine.

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Depending on the color you choose you might even be throwing it back to the 70s with a groovy twist on your nails. Presidential campaign nail art takes off on Instagram. Vanity Projects has also created a natural-looking turquoise effect.

how is stone made shiny nails

After applying top coat, allow the nail to dry slightly. And if the white marbled look isn't your thing, you can easily create try using, neutral, dark or bright polishes of your choice to give your nails a slightly psychedelic, tie dye effect. Next, carefully secure the crystal using a medium-thin viscosity gel to cap the edges.

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Instead, use a small nail art brush to carefully apply additional top coat around the base of each gem, if required. And it's not just the white and black look that's being experimented with. Lopez said you can also try dipping the brush in thinner or alcohol and going over the squiggly lines to get a similar blurred look. Once attached, do not apply more top coat.

how is stone made shiny nails

Salons like Vanity Projects in New York City have seen many requests for this look, according to nail artist and salon manager Lia Lopez. But unlike items for your home or even jewelry in the case of turquoise where you have to shell out major cash to get the look, it turns out with your nails you can create this sophisticated look right at home.

If gluing gems over regular nail polish, make sure the top coat is 100-percent dry first, says Garcia.

how is stone made shiny nails

The results are surprisingly cool. Many techs use a combination of gel and resin to apply gems.

how is stone made shiny nails

Garcia adheres larger stones with a thick hard gel, then uses resin to fill in the gaps after curing. If you want to give your nails a matte finish, try using a matte top coat for a less shiny look. Using a pointed wax pen, pick up a large pointed-back gem, then place it on the gel adhesive at an angle.

Other techs first adhere gems with resin and then use gel to fill in the gaps.

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Always apply glue to the nail not the gem and place the stone on the nail using a moistened cuticle stick or wax-tipped tool for maximum control. Before beginning the service, make sure clients know that stones can fall off fairly quickly.

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how is stone made shiny nails

For the white-and-black marble look, this is when you apply the black.