How does web xml workflow

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how does web xml workflow

On receipt of a new data conversion project, the assigned Project Team prepares workflow maps, quality checkpoint. Having discussed workflow in terms of messages or documents passing around a community of people you might think that I'm advocating a very decentralized implementation.

So here's a checklist of the arguments you can use:. You can also annotate the method itself with ResponseBody to specify that its result has to be transformed directly to an HTTP response: This is the method that is eventually called on any request to the server, including a simple GET request.

How Spring MVC Really Works

Maintaining such a database is a lot of work, and you need a strong commitment to make this happen, because everyone thinks that someone else ought to be doing it. XML doesn't require any particular software to be installed: However, there's a workaround: There are a number of benefits in modeling the IT system around these documents:.

Also, note that you are not required to return a ModelAndView instance from a controller method. I hope I've encouraged you in this article to recognize in particular that XML databases are not just a direct replacement for relational databases.

how does web xml workflow

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how does web xml workflow

In many cases the database will need to be updated as well, which will probably involve proprietary interfaces, since XQuery update is not yet standardized. Content Solutions.

how does web xml workflow

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1. Enable Struts 1 framework

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Usually I manage each request into a single servlet, doGet or doPost method, but it's not mandatory, depends on what I am doing. XML is a key part of the solution either way.

Only it's init method implemented and loaded with order 0.

Building Workflow Applications with XML and XQuery

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how does web xml workflow

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