How a wood stove blower works

Not sure what you are really getting at?? A wood stove may be a fantastic solution.

How Wood Stoves Work

I haven't felt the need, house gets plenty warm without it. My stove is set up in the basement and I just leave the basement door open and let the heat rise through the house.

This is where a fireplace blower is used to both increase the amount of heat being produced by the fire and help move the heat out away from the fireplace to better distribute the warmth. In fact as type this the living room temperature is at 87 degrees with no blower running.

how a wood stove blower works

I use my blower a lot. A fireplace blower starts with special heat-resistant tubing. In milder weather, when burning short hot fires, a blower may not be needed.

New to Woodstove with Blower

Could have bought the Oslo with a blower. Like maverick06, I have an insert. I'd imagine it's burning cleaner since it's keeping more heat in the stove.

how a wood stove blower works

I don't have a blower but think it would work well for my hearth mounted stove. With the stove in a central location with an open floorplan that convects well naturally, it may never be needed.

Woodstove use or not?

The stove is heating the house better, staying hotter, and burning much cleaner with less coals and more ash produced. Click to collapse...

how a wood stove blower works

Thanks, Shelby. Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. Southwest NH. Just thought i would add that I love the blower on my stove.

how a wood stove blower works

I have tried it without the blower and the convective heating feature is less pronounced, but it will work. Click to expand... I am probably going to get one for my stove, I guess I will see if it is worth the money. This article answers all your burning questions about wood stoves: Show Ignored Content. Show Ignored Content. At high speed it most certainly makes noise, as any device moving a bunch of air will. Of course there are other variables that come into play like will it effectively lower the internal temp of the stove and affect combustion and performance - maybe.