Getting things done when youre depressed

I should also add that I do plan on using some of the strategies from this book, so I suppose that recommends it somewhat. Getting it done is difficult. Certainly, there are plenty of lawyers that are unhappy at their jobs and struggling with depression. Set aside several times throughout the day to respond to these messages.

Clipping my toenails was so, so difficult for me during one of my recent low points. You must be productive at work, you must effectively complete your tasks without asking too many questions.

Get It Done When You're Depressed

Some of these "methods" will push a depressed person over the edge. Keep working until you do feel even a small sense of accomplishment, and hold on to that as you finish a project. I encourage anyone struggling with depression to read this book, and use the tools it provides.

getting things done when youre depressed

Yes, energy is definitely an issue Bipolar and Fatigue -- I'm So Tired but this brain space thing definitely has impactful limitations. I did a lot of reading and research before coming to Julie's book and still think it's the best thing I've read on bipolar disorder.

3 Strategies for Getting Things Done When You’re Depressed

A lot of the things in this book will be hard for a depressed person to hear or read , but I found it extremely helpful. It's a matter of trying to alter our focus and knowing that we have choices and we have options.

getting things done when youre depressed

The long and short of it is this: There's no groundbreaking information here. So, be kind to yourself.

How Lawyers Can Get Things Done When Depressed

So, how you do prevent the burnout and turn depression into productive depression? A good but difficult book to read for anyone who has suffered chronic depression. I felt I'm not sure if my rating has any value, I just realized I'm facing a different kind of issue. I mean, if practice and repetition are key I suppose this isn't a terrible thing, it just made for some tedious reading. Depression can trash all of that, thanks to symptoms like fatigue, indecisiveness, and anhedonia either an inability to feel pleasure in activities you usually enjoy or just not caring.

getting things done when youre depressed

People have no idea why my brain would get full on a daily basis, but at least the notion of it is somewhat familiar for many. For some people this "get yourself moving" idea is probably complementary to their ways of coping. Most people can remember the famous line from the Disney movie, Snow White: Depression and anxiety 'wittles' life away.

Reframe What You Think About Depression

View 1 comment. People had to be as productive as they were, but now everything had to be packed into the 8 hours.


While depression sucks all around, no matter how bad you have it, the less severe it is the more we are able to deal with it and I feel that this book is a great aid for the milder situations.