George duke dukey stick sampled who

Duke is still paying today and to date has recorded over 30 solo LPs.

george duke dukey stick sampled who

Check out this video of the band recording the song and the album version. The following two tabs change content below.

IN THE TRUNK: “Dukey Stick” by George Duke (Video)

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george duke dukey stick sampled who

You can tell the musicians are playing together, vibing off of each other and the music benefits greatly from this experience. Then the lyrics and playfulness of the vocals provide so many directions you can take this track in. Eska Video.

george duke dukey stick sampled who

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george duke dukey stick sampled who

Follow him RobertTres. Influenced at an early age by artists such as Duke Ellington, Les McCann, Cal Tjader , he also takes influence from his local Baptist church, which has given him a unique style not often duplicated in jazz or funk.

Dukey Stick

Oftentimes I enjoy the live performance of a song more than the polished studio version because the live is always so much more loose and free. What I love about this song and the LP is the camaraderie and play on the record. Parent, illustrator, author, owner of Come Bien Books, muralist, activist, and self-proclaimed believer in the power of music and its infinite sonic vibrations.

george duke dukey stick